in "Hills of kodaikanal"

Own Your Piece of Paradise
in the Hills of Kodaikanal

Kodai Agriorg Private Limited is a community-driven avocado plantation in the hills of Kodaikanal. Our mission is to provide sustainable agriculture solutions while supporting local communities. We offer customers the opportunity to invest in farm land and receive a variety of services, including maintenance and farming support. Join us in our journey towards responsible agriculture and enhance your wealth with our avocado plantation.

Why Choose Kodai Agriorg

Sustainable Farming Practices

We use eco-friendly farming practices that promote soil health and minimize our impact on the environment.

High-Quality Avocados

Our avocados are grown using sustainable farming practices and are handpicked to ensure that only the best fruit makes it to market.

Experienced Team

We're passionate about what we do and our team of experts are committed to helping you succeed as an avocado farmer.

Generational Wealth

By owning a piece of farmland in our rich natural environment, you're contributing to a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Founder's Story

Kodai Agriorg was founded in the year 2018, by two individuals who shared a passion for agriculture and avocados. One had a rich farming experience background, while the other had experience in technology and business operations. Together, they shared a dream of creating an avocado forest with 10,000 trees in the hills of Kodaikanal.
Driven by their love for the land and a commitment to sustainable agriculture, the founders set out to create a community-based avocado plantation that would empower local farmers and benefit the community as a whole. Today, Kodai Agriorg is a thriving community of avocado farmers, all working together to create a better world through sustainable agriculture.
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Become a part of the
eco-friendly farming
revolution in Kodaikanal

Welcome to our community farming project in Kodaikanal.
Join us to own your own farm land and
enjoy the benefits of avocado plantation service.

Purchasing Farm Land

To join our community farming project,interested members can purchase farm land from Kodai AgriOrg Community. The land is divided into units of 50 cents each, and community members can purchase one or more units depending on their needs.

Avocado Plantation Contract

After purchasing the land, community members shall sign a five-year farming contract with Kodai AgriOrg. This contract covers the implementation phase of avocado plantation, during which we provide organic plantation services utilizing natural water sources and step farming techniques.

Harvest Contract and Revenue Sharing

After completing the implementation
phase, community members become eligible for revenue sharing through our Avocado harvest model. Community members can sign an Avocado Harvest Contract, which entitles them to a share of the revenue generated from the sale of Avocado at the gate

Our Mission and Vision

Avocado Trees
Our vision is to plant 10,000 avocado
trees across 100 acres of land in Poombarai, Kodaikanal. Join us in promoting sustainable agriculture and fostering a community of avocado enthusiasts.
Acres of Agriculture Land
we aim to create a flourishing ecosystem that supports the growth of these trees and maximizes their potential. Our team is committed to implementing the latest advancements in technology to ensure the health and productivity of our avocado orchard.

20%Planted Trees

20%Acres Covered

Farming is a profession of hope.


Discover Why

"Come and experience the beauty of Poombarai in Kodaikanal"

Join us and immerse yourself in the breathtakingbeauty of Poombarai,nestled in the lush
hills of Kodaikanal. Discover the wonders of nature, organic farming, and a
vibrant community of avocado enthusiasts.

Get a guaranteed 5% annual
return during our five-year
plantation term!

Invest now and enjoy a stable and
secure return on your investment.

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